Not Dead Yet
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Contrary to all outward evidence, the idea of Stop Standing Still, a concert listing site for nerdy music, is not dead.

I’ve been tinkering around with the idea in the background for awhile now. The primary issues at the moment that are keeping the site from going live is time to actually do it and the fact that I’m a database developer, not a web developer. So I need to learn web languages before I can code this site.

My first plan involved using PHP 4 something. Something shiny happened though and I got distracted after putting together a small proof of concept application.

I then got the idea in my head to learn Ruby and code the site using Rails. After banging my head against that for awhile, I gave up. I’d done a couple of tutorials for Rails and even took a class at the local community college, but it always felt like I was following directions instead of coding. I think the issue was a matter of really groking the idea of an MVC framework. I understanding it conceptually and it makes all kinds of sense, but I just couldn’t integrate it into my thinking.

I toyed with the idea of using node.js for about a day, but abandoned that.

Instead, I’m back to PHP again, 5.x now with a object oriented approach to development. I’m currently working through a tutorial to roll my own MVC framework which will hopefully help me wrap my brain around the concept. Once I’m done with that, I’ll probably start tinkering with SSS again, though I’ll probably need a couple more tutorials before I’m done.

The reason that I’m writing this blog is an experiment. I’ve been hesitant to talk about this project because I was afraid of hyping it up only to loose the thread yet again. The issue with that though is it’s resulted in me being able to slack off hard on the project. My only motivation to work on this project at the moment is the pang of guilt I get when ever I see an artist trying to promote their shows and knowing that I could be helping.

I’m hoping that by cataloging the process of getting the site up and running I’ll be a little more motivated to actually do things.

Which brings me to my request. If you’re reading this and you dig the idea of SSS, please let me know. And if I get distracted again, please give me a little grief about it. Hopefully these things will keep me focused on the goal.

And if you’re wondering what the hell this thing is, the next post will re-introduce the concept behind SSS.

- matt

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